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L.G.M. can offer you or your group efficient, discrete, heavy surveillance, ground control and messenger service.

Ground Control Escort Service:
This means paid and trained body guard, or simply an escort while you enjoy your leisure time or otherwise.

Secret Surveillance:
L.G.M. can offer a variety of security services, including disguised employees at designated locations to assure peace and security, ideal for your events, grocery shopping, restaurants, bars, gyms, walks, dates, and nightlife outings, anywhere you need are services conducted. We may also be of use for alibi and witness evidence.

Package security.
Asset Searching:
Asset Identification
, my civilian units may be able to locate and identify your stolen goods, even capture photos of the item(s).
Locating People:
Identify or find missing persons, or pets.

Corporate Assistance:
Need a dangerous or volatile employee dismissed? We can be of assistance to you regarding hostile terminations or suspensions.

Intelligence Gathering Information System:
An extensive database gives L.G.M a opportunity to sell information we have gathered, inquire and a verbal or written works can be compiled and submitted, per individual case, with your security in mind first.

Custom Brokerage: 

Own something hard to sell, we can assist you with are many youthfull, and senior experienced units.